Book Review: Tales From The Shadowhunter Academy

Read: 22 Dec 2016
Finished: 5 Jan 2017



A series of 10 short stories chronicling the life of Simon Lewis after the events of City of Heavenly Fire from the Mortal Instruments Series.


As a fan of the Mortal Instruments series, it’s a no-brainer that I’d be collecting all of Miss Clare’s books. Contrary to my assumption, this was not a series of short stories involving the much-loved couples. Instead, it chronicles Simon Lewis’ life post-memory-loss as he heads off to the Shadowhunter Academy to train and possibly regain his memories.

Each novella showed a fragment of the time Simon spent at the academy, with new characters being introduced. Characters known from both the Infernal Devices and Mortal Instruments series make appearances as well; showing just how related everyone is in this Shadowhunter world.

Though there were some novellas that felt too much like a filler, there were some good ones that played to fan favorites like Magnus and Alec. I liked how Cassandra and her fellow writers include the familiar characters without compromising the focus for Simon. I had been hoping for a Jace and Clary novella snuck in to the book; but unfortunately, there wasn’t one.

As an accompanying book to the series, it’s definitely a treat for all fans of Cassandra Clare. However, it would be best if you’ve read both of her series before reading this as there is a possibility of getting lost in the flurry of characters thrown your way.




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