OwlCrate February Unboxing Review: Runaway with the Circus

Disclaimer: If you’re an OwlCrate subscriber and you have yet to receive your crate, don’t read any further! This post contains spoilers for the February box.

This month’s OwlCrate takes us to runaway with the Circus! I wasn’t sure which book they were including this month but a trip to my local bookstore gave me a pretty good idea.


Included in this month’s awesome OwlCrate are:

– Book of the month: Caraval by Stephanie Garber (including a written note from the author, an exclusive quote card and a signed bookplate)
– The Night Circus Tote Bag from Evie Bookish
– Le Cirque des Reves Candle from Frostbeard Studio
– Cinnamon Donuts Lip Balm from Geek Fire Labs
– Playing Card Notepad from Attic Journals
– Sticky Page Flags from Girl Of All Work
– Button Badge from OwlCrate featuring the February card design

I had previously wanted to purchase Caraval when I did a trip to a bookstore but decided against it for unknown reasons. I just figured maybe I’d check back again after I receive my OwlCrate. But as I thought back to the theme for the month, I realized that I just might receive this book.

Well, thank goodness for the hesitation as I now have it signed too! (Yes, I always stick the bookplate in the book for fear of losing them.)

Oh my – excuse my feet in the photo!

Having received 2 other tote bags from previous OwlCrates, I was so happy to get another one to add to the collection. Though I haven’t gotten a chance to read The Night Circus yet, it is definitely on my TBR List!

I like the scent that candles from Frostbeard Studio gives off. The previous candle that I received from a December OwlCrate still sits on my desk as I hesitate to use them. Perhaps I’ll use it one day when I finally get some time to myself. It’s a bonus when your dog likes the scent as much as you do!

This is the second lip balm I’ve got from Geek Fire Labs. My previous lip balm also came from an OwlCrate and it smells too delicious to use. I am going to use this Cinnamon Donuts Lip Balm though since I’m on a diet and not able to enjoy any donuts.

The notepad looked super vintage and it’s a pretty cool way of recycling the use of the playing cards. I’ll probably be using this in the office for notes during meetings, or as my shopping list notepad.

The sticky page flags are too pretty to use. Yes. I am one of those weirdos who prefer keeping pretty things as opposed to using them. These page flags are so uniquely designed that they do remind you of the flags you see around the Circus. Definitely one of my favorite items from the crate.

Ever since I got OwlCrate, I swear my button badge collection keeps growing! I’ve used a couple since then and will probably be pinning this one on my Night Circus tote bag.

Be sure to check back for the unboxing and review of next month’s OwlCrate! The theme for the March OwlCrate is: Sailors, Ships and Seas.




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