E-Book Review: Happy Again

Read: 13 Feb 2017
Finished: 14 Feb 2017




A year has passed since Graham and Ellie said good-bye to each other. They had promised to stay in-touch but their daily emails had slowly dwindled to a stop. Ellie is now a freshman in college and while out one night in Manhattan, she comes across a movie premiere of the film that Graham had done in Maine. Will they get past their radio silence from past months to find their happily ever after?


Since the rather open-ended ending of This Is What Happy Looks Like, I was left to wonder if Ellie and Graham did indeed have their happily ever after. But thanks to this novella, I’m able to get a proper ending for the couple.

I’m a sucker for happy endings. So, the beginning of the novella had me slightly anxious when new characters were introduced. The loss of communication between Graham and Ellie wasn’t helping either. But when good ol’ Harry spots Ellie at the premiere, I was worried Smith was going to throw create another hurdle for the couple. Thankfully, she didn’t. Contrary to his previous behavior in the first book, Harry takes on a more parental role despite being Graham’s manager. I’d like to think that he saved the couple’s relationship with his eagle eyes.

In short, this is a fluffy novella that reaffirms the chemistry between Ellie and Graham which fans of the first book will surely approve!




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